How To Master Your Life From The Inside Out



This workshop is perfect for you if

You can relate to one or more of the following…
  • You are confused by the overwhelming options available in the field of personal and spiritual development and disillusioned by a lack of results
  • Despite your best efforts you still struggle to maintain a sustainable work/live balance
  • You just want to be yourself and not have to compromise
  • You want to be a better partner, parent, mentor, entrepreneur or leader
  • You want to open and expand your natural intuitive and creative gifts so that you can take the guess work out of life.

If this is you, it’s time to get clarity on how you can truly stand in your power.

In just one practical, inspirational and life changing day, you’ll identify those areas in your life that need to be healed and brought back into balance, so that you can finally move forward.

Kelley Popovich

Mala is a fantastic facilitator and gentle with her approach. I got some better understanding of the chkaras and how they affect your life when out of balance. I feel ready to talckle my life stressed and take better care of my health and well-being. I found the exercises to be very helpful. We were able to share after each section with other people and that deepened the learning process.

Rianne Aveezaat

I was looking for ways to further broaden my knowledge in spirituality and healing when I met Mala and signed up for the workshop. Very interesting and informative with deeper understanding of the chakras, how they influence me and others and useful, practical meditation on the day to make a start with change. Highly recommend, regardless if you have already done some healing work or not.

Join our workshop!

Walk away with the knowledge of how to balance, heal and re-energise all aspects of your life!

Here is your chance to truly change your life!

How To Master Your Life From The Inside Out is a 1 day introductory workshop where you begin a journey towards inspired change. Through the power and influence of the Chakras, you work at a deep energetic level, bringing alignment and flow into your every day life. By connecting with each Chakra, you learn the area of life to which they relate and how to bring them back into balance. This allows you to understand the underlying reasons behind your everyday struggles. Working on your Chakras ensures successful and sustainable results. The workshop is both a balance of the practical and spiritual, bringing the best practices of both worlds to guide you. It includes teaching, meditation and practical exercises.


You walk away with:

  • An understanding as to why you are not progressing even though you are putting time and effort into it
  • An awareness of areas of your work/life balance that needs attention
  • The knowledge that true growth only happens when the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life are healed
  • Powerful healing practices to raise your energetic vibration
  • A path that shows you how to truly stand in your personal power

Understand how you can balance, heal and re-energise all aspects of your life, so that you too can master your life from the inside out


Mala Bridgelal Ram


Educator, Mentor, Intuitive Healer

Mala Bridgelal Ram is the co-founder of Living The True Self, a transformational speaker and co-author of the book “Finding Your Truth: How to Discover the Real You and What You Were Born To Do”.

At Living The True Self we give you the keys to creating flow in your life. A huge part of creating flow involves gaining greater self-awareness and insight about yourself, such as what drives you, how you show up and how you interact with the world.

Her areas of experience and knowledge include finding the work you were born to do, self-empowerment, self-healing, emotional resilience, stress management, purpose clarification, healing the past, clearing trauma and significant emotional events, building your self-worth and self-love, and accessing your natural intuition. She has trained in nursing, intuitive energy healing, coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, sound healing to name a few, and has spent over 17 years working in the Healthcare Industry.

Mala facilitates regular weekend workshops, longer programmes, retreats, VIP days and healing sessions. She has spoken at numerous events and hosted workshops including at the Mind, Body and Soul Experience and the Mind, Body and Spirit events in London, Birmingham and Manchester over the past 3 years.

Quitty D’Souza

I was curious and equally very interested in this practice and I got a deeper understanding of all aspects of myself and my inner world. It’s confirmed how we are all connected and nothing is coincidence. It was an excellend starter to understanding the body, mind, spirit in realtion to the whole self and chakras. Thank you Mala, I’ve thorouglhy enjoyed the whol day and exercises. I was energised, empowered and felt a deep inner peace.

Deepak Batta

I attended because I want to live more in alignment with who I truly am. Learning about the chakras and doing the exercises was incredibly beneficial. I feel relaxed, more focused, energised and connected. I will also put the tools that we practiced when at home.

Join our workshop!

Walk away with the knowledge of how to balance, heal and re-energise all aspects of your life!