Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

A 10 Month Experiential Journey

Deepening You Spiritual Connection is a 10mth programme helping you master living in the moment, tap into your creativity and intuitively find solutions to life’s problems. This allows you to, on a very practical level, handle anything that is thrown at you, ultimately resulting in greater flow in your day to day life.

Throughout this programme you are guided through a combination of teaching and question based introspective work. This allows you to assess where you are at, revealing those areas that you need to work on that you may not be aware of. Through deepening your meditative practices and practicing your healing skills you can then take the necessary steps to clear, heal and strengthen those areas, with greater awareness and purpose.


This programme is for you if:

  • You are confused by all the conflicting spiritual information and would like to get to the truth
  • You are keen to uncover, develop and trust your intuitive abilities
  • You want to understand why heath issues develop and how to heal them
  • You wish to tap into your creativity
  • You would like to heal your ancestral lines, past lives and current relationships
  • You wish to be able to easily access guidance from a different dimensions
Sasi Panchal

Before the programme I felt confused about what my true vocation was in life and I knew it was something that I needed to pursue. I had a lot of questions and some answers but I still felt something was missing. I was at a stage in my life were I wanted to cultivate more peace and leave the everyday feeling of overwhelm and constant doing behind (for a little while at least).
More than anything I wanted to learn how to meditate and be able to connect with my intuition. During the programme Mala helped me to learn how to get more in touch with my intuition by learning about the chakras, guided meditation and hands on 1-2-1 healing sessions.
Mala helped me to overcome a number of obstacles in initiating meditative practise and answering questions along the way, which was individualised to where I was on my journey. It wasn’t an easy practise to adopt or maintain to begin with but I could see the benefits through the obstacles I encountered. I felt better in myself and less anxious.
Now I am able to sense more of what is going on around me and not get caught in the emotional hijacking of everyday life. I am much calmer, at peace and I am beginning to trust my intuition a lot more than I did before. It has helped me to get clearer on what is going on between my mind, body and spirit.

Preete Kumar

My journey with Mala has been amazing. Prior to starting, I was looking to deepen my spiritual practice and learn to better use my intuition, to guide me in all areas of my life.
Through the programme, I have developed that and so much more. I love the programme structure, that takes you methodically through each Chakra helping me learn more about myself at every level.
Also revealing blindspots and blocks, and having a safe space to work through them and heal. Mala’s energy, expertise, passion and her deep spirituality has been a wonderful support on my journey.

Sue Camp

I have been working with Mala for nearly a year, progressing through her Deepening Your Spiritual Connection program. Mala brings to the program clear insight which helps me realise new understandings of my own situations.
She works at my pace and is careful to ensure that the learnings have been understood and incorporated into my practice before moving forward with new material.
The content is comprehensive and the sessions seldom provide sufficient time to include it all. I am always yearning for more time.
In addition to the theory or teaching Mala also offers the additional dimension of hands-on healing utilising a very different level of intuition. Her explanation of these sessions offer me additional inspirations.
Mala creates an environment that is open, caring, non-judgemental and conducive to deep learning and healing.
It has been a pleasure to work with her.

Join our programme!

You walk away with greater self awareness and access to higher consciousness, which allows you to navigate through life with ease.


Here is what to expect:

We currently live in an environment where everything is fast paced and we expect instant results. Sadly, this trend has permeated the world of spirituality. We want to be healed and given answers without doing any work yourself. Spiritual growth can only be achieved through self-awareness, regular practice and application of insights into everyday life.

Through Deepening Your Spiritual Connection we help you to master living on this earthly plane. You do this by applying higher wisdom to your day to day activities, which brings an increased flow and clarity into your life. The programme is a balance of both the practical and spiritual, bringing the best practices of both worlds to guide you.


On this programme you get to:

  • Appreciate spirituality from a holistic and practical point of view
  • Learn daily practices for clearing, healing and
  • Deepen your meditation and master living in the moment
  • Raise your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Tap into higher guidance
  • Develop the ability to handle any issue that life throws at you
  • Heighten your energetic vibration through group work
  • Heal all aspects of your life


Where and when:

Venue: Central London (please enquire for online coaching programme version details)
Times: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
New Group Start Dates: April, September

Bringing you unsurpassed results that exceeds even your expectations


Here's what’s included with the programme:

  • 10 x 1 Day Live Workshop (one per month)
  • 1 Hr – 1 to 1 Coaching/Healing per month
  • Supplemental Training Videos


4 complimentary life enhancing, personal and spiritual development 2-day workshops…
  • Discover The Work You Were Born To Do
  • Building Your Emotional Resilience
  • Creating Harmony In Your Relationships
  • Your Route To Vibrant Health


Each month you receive:

1 Day live workshop

Which follows a structured format of teaching and the practice of meditation, healing, communication and intuition. The workshops are thematically structured around the 7 major chakras, with ample time given for experiential, hands on learning. Each month advances from the previous, as you move through the chakras.

Supplemental topics that will be addressed includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Understanding Your Aura
  • Dream Analysis
  • Distance Healing
  • Soul Relationships
  • Space Clearing
  • Light Language
  • Clearing Past Lives and Ancestral Lines
  • Intuitive Diagnosis
  • Connecting To Higher Guides
  • Astral Travel

1-to-1 Coaching/Healing session

Giving you the opportunity to resolve any concerns or challenges in a private setting, so that you are able to move forward in a powerful way.

Training videos and supplemental bonus videos

To enhance the learnings and provide additional support during the programme.

At the end of 10 months, you walk away with:

  • The means of creating a practice for clearing, healing and replenishing energy, tailored to your lifestyle.
  • Techniques for accessing your intuitive and creative abilities on demand
  • Insight and clarity of your higher purpose

Join our programme!

You walk away with greater self awareness and access to higher consciousness, which allows you to navigate through life with ease.