This Programme is for you if:

  • You have someone in your life that constantly pushes your buttons
  • You are often taken advantage of, and end up being hurt or frustrated or both
  • You feel as if you have to live up to the expectations of others
  • Your family or friends just don’t get you
  • You often feel as if you are not being heard
  • You are still searching for “Mr or Mrs Right”.

In this programme Creating Harmony in Your Relationship, you learn to enhance your communication and strengthen your connection with others. You gain a deeper understanding of yourself, an insight into the essence of those around you and how to connect in a truly harmonious way. You are guided through a combination of teaching, question based introspective work and meditation. This programme is a balance of both the practical and spiritual, bringing the best practices of both worlds to guide you.

On this programme you learn:

  • The truth behind relationships and why they can be difficult
  • The real reason people are in your life and the role you play
  • A method which helps you to understand the essence and nature of yourself and others
  • How to create the relationships that you want
  • How to communicate in an effective way that feels natural to you
  • How to heal your existing relationships.

You walk away with:

The building blocks to create and maintain the wonderful connections you deserve.

What’s in the programme:

Bonus Videos

These bonus videos clear up some misconceptions concerning aspects of relationships, giving you a broader and more balanced perspective.

We know these videos will be an eye-opener in your understanding of relationships.

Module 1 – Introduction

This module preframes relationships, their influences, values and beliefs systems and outlines the real reason we have problems in our relationships.

Module 2 – Defining Boundaries

This module outlines why you need to set boundaries, how to set them and what to do should these boundaries be broken.

Module 3 – Non-Judgemental Communication – Part 1

This module helps you to understand how you initiate and respond to communication from others. Here we teach you how to communicate with clarity by having greater awareness of your conversation and reframing so that the recipient is clear about your feelings.

Module 4 – Non-Judgemental Communication – Part 2

This module addresses the final two steps to non-judgemental communication. Primarily it guides you on how to: 1) clearly express your needs, 2) actively listen and 3) give an appropriate response.

Module 5 – Perception Logs and Ways You Feel Connected

This module teaches you how to understand the other person in the relationship through their values and the ways they feel connected.

Module 6 – Communication and the 9 Energetic Qualities

In this module we expand on the system of the 9 Energetic Qualities so that you can understand and recognise the unbalanced states and what you need to be aware of when communicating with the different numbers.

Module 7 – 9 Energetic Qualities Relationships

This module takes the 9 Energetic Qualities even further by helping you to understand the natural way and the degree of ease in which each number relate to the other.

Module 8 – Rebalancing Your Relationships

This final module works on the energetic aspects of relationships giving you powerful tools to heal and rebalance your relationships.


Digital Training Programme

3 Bonus Training Videos

Invitation to Q&A Sessions

Bite Size Reviews

2 Hrs 1 to 1 Coaching (£300 Value)