Are You Sold on Personal Development But Still Not Getting the Results You Want?

Through a very simple and structured format, we help you to understand the reasons you are not progressing and give you solutions, so you can start moving.

If you are into personal growth and development, chances are you have a hunger to better yourself and be successful. If you are ethical, you want to do this without compromising your integrity.

I feel your pain. You probably attend course after course, but frustratingly acknowledge you are nowhere near where you thought you should be by now.

You are not alone.

These courses work to some extent, but most of them miss the mark because they are missing one vital ingredient. They are not tailored to you.
In other words, one size doesn’t and can never fit all.

Here is the problem.

You can only achieve results when you work not just from a mental level (which most courses do), but also from the spiritual level.

You may or may not have explored spirituality, but without it personal development is limited and could undermine your resolve. You see others getting results and wonder what is wrong with you. But it is not you, it is the method.

Here is your chance to finally get the answers and results you have been desperately looking for. Our 1-day workshop ‘How to Master Your Life from The Inside Out’ is the stepping stone to getting those results you yearn for.

Workshops are held on Saturdays in Central London.
Reserve your seat by selecting your preferred date here.


How do you know if this workshop is for you?

This 1-day workshop is for you if:

  • You are confused by the overwhelming options available in the field of personal and spiritual development and disillusioned by a lack of results
  • Despite your best efforts you still struggle to maintain a sustainable work/live balance
  • You just want to be yourself and not have to compromise
  • You want to be a better partner, parent, mentor, entrepreneur or leader
  • You want to open and expand your natural intuitive and creative gifts so that you can take the guess work out of life.

Join us for a full day

Workshops are held on Saturdays in Central London.
Reserve your seat by selecting your preferred date here.


“I found this workshop very valuable as it answered my question about my physical health which now make sense and from now on I will have the power to heal myself.”
~ Ann Davey

“Mala has an incredible passion to serve others with the key to all our ‘success’ which begins with the foundation of knowing ourselves, by truly bringing spirituality and practicality together in a meaningful way.”
~ Mag Secretario

On this inspirational 1-day workshop you get:

  • An awareness of the reasons why you are not progressing even though you are putting time and effort into it
  • Highlight areas of your work/life balance that you are not currently paying attention to
  • Methods to bring a balance of creativity and structure to your work and personal life
  • An understanding of how to combine the mental and spiritual aspects of personal growth so that you can be genuinely successful
  • A path that shows you how to truly stand in your personal power.

Workshops are held on Saturdays in Central London.
Reserve your seat by selecting your preferred date here.


“A fantastic introduction and/or reminder of the critical aspects which all go towards helping to boost not only your energy levels but ultimately your well-being on all levels -physically, mentally, emotionally etc.”
~ Zehra Akarsu

“I truly found it all valuable. I slept very badly for the prior two nights – even worse than normal and thought I would keep nodding off but I just was enthralled! The realisations I had today were truly awe-inspiring. I am so grateful, and I can feel it physically.”
~ Hami Sura

What’s different about our workshops?

  • Our teaching is simple, well structured, logical and easy to understand. It is also practical, and our methods are easy to implement.
  • We firmly believe that one size does not fit all, so we teach from the perspective that everyone is unique allowing you to progress in a way that works best for you.
  • We help you to diagnose the root or core issue of what is holding you back. This allows you to tackle the problem at its source, which stops it from recurring.
  • We help you to build solid foundations. A tree will not survive without its roots and a building will fall if it has no foundations. We focus on strengthening your personal root system so that you have a solid base from which you can flourish.
  • We work on four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For true change to be sustainable it must happen on all four levels.
  • We believe that spirituality must be grounded and not only woo-woo. It must be integrated into everyday life.
  • We guide you through a balanced combination of teaching and question based introspective work so that by looking inwards, your truth is revealed.
  • Unlike other courses we are committed to getting you a result and the majority of our courses have post workshop follow-up.
  • We walk the talk. Our company is called Living The True Self and it does what it says on the tin. We devote our lives to being a living example of what we teach to others.


Workshops are held on Saturdays in Central London.
Reserve your seat by selecting your preferred date here.


Meet your workshop host:

Mala is an educator, intuitive healer and mentor. After 17 years in the Healthcare Industry and frustrated by the bureaucracy and shortcomings of the healthcare system, Mala chose to pursue her own path in health and healing. With her understanding that the cause of ill health is not limited to the physical, she is a true healer working not only on the physical but also on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and has developed workshops and programmes to support this approach.

Mala is an intuitive healer and natural psychologist who has a passion for grasping the underlying nature of human behaviour. Drawing from her experience in nursing, she works with individuals, helping them to clear their mental and emotional blocks so that they can bring more flow and ease into their life.

As her healing is very intuitive, she operates through a unique combination, drawing upon the combined practices of craniosacral work, and energy and sound healing. With this approach she has created programmes and mentors people on practical techniques of healing all aspects of their lives, and how to tap into their natural intuitive and creative abilities so that they can create a life of peace, fulfilment and happiness that they deserve.

Mala has many international clients and she is also the co-founder of Living the True Self, a company dedicated to showing the path to a truly authentic life.


“I found learning about the chakras invaluable. The information was mostly new to me but I’m really interested to know more now. I really liked the exercise about a good sleep routine particularly thinking about what stops me putting it in place – made it really practical.”
~ Claire Fisher

“I thought Mala was very knowledgeable and willing to engage in any topics that came up. I felt a deep well of experience and well-being from her. This type of topic is all about the deliverer of the knowledge before the content.”
~ Dasebre Boachie

“A lovely workshop packed with helpful information and interesting teachings. Mala explains things really well and creates an open and friendly atmosphere.”
~ Helen Turner

“A very great course that will give you a strong foundational knowledge of the chakras and instruction on how you can work with them to create balance in your life. I will be recommending this course to family and friends.”
~ Anonymous

“I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to find balance, serenity and love in their lives.”
~ Steven Raja

“Mala helps you to understand the benefits/function of each chakra. She is knowledgeable, clear, empathic and open. I highly recommend the workshop to support your holistic journey and self-awareness.”
~ Helen Ryan

“Mala is so grounded and led the workshop so well. Thank you for sharing these learnings. I’m so happy to have found this workshop and understand my chakras -excited to work on myself! I also enjoyed the visualisation meditation and the final pyramid meditation. It’s shown me multiple ways that I can work on myself and enjoy the journey.”
~ Nadia Saad

“This workshop helped me to make connections between chakras and my history/past and where I want to focus my healing journey next. The meditation on all chakras helped me feel/intuit which felt okay and which did not., so yes, I now know where to start on my next step.”
~ Nikkie Wagnall

“A powerful, succinct and uplifting introduction to the many ways in which we can improve our daily lives presented by the always engaging Mala. Good content, well-paced and not too much so that we would be overloaded. I enjoyed the breathing exercises. They calmed me down very quickly indeed.”
~ Charles Forsyth

“Fantastic day spent with Mala. She has a natural warmth and very engaging style of teaching which connects with everyone I shared the day with. The workshop was clearly structured and delivered with love. Thank You!”
~ Carmen Harris

Workshops are held on Saturdays in Central London.
Reserve your seat by selecting your preferred date here.