Finding Your Truth

This book is for you if:

  • You feel as if you are stuck on the treadmill looking for inspiration and insights to get you moving forward
  • You often think to yourself, ‘there must be more to life than this’
  • You are unhappy in your current job or career and looking for a way to do something that lights
  • you up and resonates with you
  • You have what others think is a ‘successful’ career but inside you lack meaning or fulfilment
  • You are at what seems like a crossroad in your life and you’re unsure of which direction to go
  • You actively want to find and live your purpose

Finding Your Truth is the ultimate guide to discovering who you are and what you were born to do. This includes understanding what your core essence and nature is, what truly guides your decisions and where your genius really lies. You will be guided through a combination of teaching and question-based introspective work, as it is only by looking inwards that your truth is revealed. The book seeks to address both the practical and spiritual, bringing the best of both worlds to guide you.

LeahMarie Ritz

Finding Your Truth is not a book that you read, rather it is a journey and an experience unto itself! There are so many golden nuggets throughout that in bringing into my life have made all the difference. I highly recommend using Finding Your Truth as a way to understand yourself at a level you never dreamed possible…the experience and journey that is YOU!

Iain Carpenter

We are all familiar with that ever recurring quandary of thinking ‘if only I could do xxxx I would be happier’ or ‘If I could get that job I will be happier’ only to find that not long after you have done xxxx or got that job you are again dissatisfied or unhappy. If you have not been in that position yourself, then you will certainly know someone who has.

Making the effort to really think about why that should be nearly always fails to find a satisfactory explanation.

This book address exactly that challenge. It provides extremely clear, very straight forward, undemanding tasks on a pathway to understanding. Michele and Mala lead you to where you will finally realise what it is that underlies the quandary. You will find what it really is that ‘makes you tick’, the true you that has been clouded by numerous family, social and work pressures to the extent that you have been unable see what it is that will bring the reward of the happiness that we all seek. It is a huge step forward in making deep self knowledge easily doable.

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