How To Create A Conscious Business For Your Chosen Path



This workshop is perfect for you if

You can relate to one or more of the following…
  • You are or aspire to be a life coach, therapist, healer or intuitive and want to create a conscious business
  • You are new to the world of self-employment and struggling to get your business moving in the right direction
  • Traditional business models do not feel right for you because of who you are and the nature of the work you do
  • You are overwhelmed, confused or apprehensive with all the business advice and information out there
  • Although you may have inner doubts and insecurities as to whether you can actually pull this off, you are determined to create meaning and happiness yourself and in others

If this is you, come along to this workshop and get started by understanding how you can gently and effectively get your life changing business off the ground.

You will learn the essentials to creating a business that is relevant, authentic and conscious, giving you the avenue to be able to fully express who you are.

C Sale

I attended the workshop as I have been procrastinating about going into my own business, and not believing I could do it. I found that the course gave me so much clear information and has actually made me rethink as I learnt so much about me and alignment, I feel very positive and strong about my belief in myself after this course

K Packer

I came to this course to create the purpose, knowledge, energy and motivation to launch my business in transformation. The day included good, relevant content, passionately and effectively delivered with great participation by all present. I feel excited about moving forward and full of creative purpose.

Carmen Harris

If you are ready to start your business or have ideas, this workshop will introduce you to a practical step by step process on how to start. Only by understanding who you are, can you start to build a truly sustainable business. Michele demonstrates how she has made this work- she lives her values and that is plain to see. Thank You!

Join our workshop!

Walk away with practical ideas and inspiration to make your business dream a reality!

Here is your chance to create a business you can be proud of!

How To Create A Conscious Business For Your Chosen Path is a 1 day introductory workshop where you begin a journey towards inspired change. To transformational workers (people in the service of guiding/helping/healing others), traditional business courses can seem overwhelming and scary. You are often told after qualifying to just start your business and the clients will come. But as you know, it’s never that simple or easy. If you do manage to get started, there is perhaps an inner struggle to implement what you have been taught because of lack of experience, fear of failure, or the desire to get it just right. This workshop is designed to address these issues. It gives you the grounding you need and helps you to understand the essentials needed to make your business, not just successful, but sustainable as well.


You walk away with:

  • An understanding of the reasons why running a fulfiling business may seem challenging, allowing you to side step or overcome these challenges
  • A blueprint of a fully integrated holistic business model specifically designed for transformational workers
  • The ability to connect with your customers or potential customers at a deeper level through the written word
  • Personal success strategies to support you on your journey
  • Inspiration that you too can create a successful business that feels right for you

Learn how to finally make your business dream a reality, minus all the scary and overwhelming stuff. What are you waiting for?

Rebecca Young

This is a course for people who have spent a considerable amount of time training to be a coach, but are struggling to get their practice off the ground. Invaluable!

Nancy Burgess

This was excellent value and a really great way to start me thinking about how to create a solid foundation of my new work, whilst coming up with creative new ideas which are in alignment with my overall vision.


Michele Yeomans FCCA


International Speaker, Educator, Mentor

The balance between building a successful business and not selling your soul to the devil in the process is a tricky one. Why? Because of the severe lack of business training that teaches you how to grow your business from a holistic, authentic and ethical standpoint. But this is where Michele shines.

Disillusioned with current business practices, and aware of the lack of training for the more introverted business owner, she took matters into her own hands and created her unique business programmes. These programmes are built on her professional achievements, personal insights and spiritual practices. 30 years of experience working with small businesses to help them grow and develop, combined with NLP, coaching and leadership skills and infused with personal and spiritual development ensures that these programmes are a one of a kind.

Michele is the founder of Living The True Self and the soon to be launched Conscious Business Community. A transformational speaker, trainer and mentor, her life is devoted to helping you live and express your true self. She has been featured on Voice America, Croydon radio and Dream Corner and has shared stages with Laura Tennison and Dame DC Cordova. Michele is the co-author of the book “Finding Your Truth.”

A Shah

I came to this workshop because it was about creating my business consciously. The day has been very informative and fun and gave me a lot of clarity. I am excited about moving forward now, both personally and within the business.

S Hill

I had seen Michele at the Mind, Body and Spirit festival. I came along because I had been inspired by her message. I gained clarity on the day. I feel very motivated and the day has been excellent. I am so glad I came and I look forward to working with Michele. S Bardsleu
Absolutely fantastic day! Enjoyed every moment!

Susie Vandi

An excellent course which is unique because it gets to the actual core of what it takes to create a successful and sustainable business. I enjoyed experiencing a new view on this. It turns your attention to creating firm foundations that will give you the best chance to build the business and life that you deserve. It was inspiring!

Kimi Gill

This workshop is very informative and helped me focus on the skills I already have and how I can apply them to my business as well as thinking about where I am and where I want to be. I enjoyed the focus on the spiritual side of the business.

Maya Kosova

Great Introduction, very suitable for a person like me, who has been employed for 24 years and don’t have a clue about business.

Ani Bakos

Very practical, gave clarity about some crucial points you need to know when building a business, especially about ourselves!

Haifa Al-Dubai

This workshop opens a window in my life and I love windows that brings light and fresh air to my body, mind and spirit. A big thank you for this great, energising and uplifting day!

Patrick Baron

Very complete, very well put together, clear, concise, adapted to the needs of the customer and well communicated. A very worthwhile day.

Megan Adonis

Before coming to this workshop, I wasn’t clear on what it would take to start a business and felt intimidated with all the information online and being bombarded with programmes. Michele has created a clear understanding of what it entails to move forward, and the information gave me more confidence to take that first step.

Emma Bennett

I wanted to know how to create a sustainable business. I got useful tips/tools especially about copywriting – how you communicate with clients in writing. I feel inspired and driven to make changes. I fully recommend this workshop. Michele is an engaging speaker.

Sam Livermore

I needed some practical structure and this really helped. It was so clear and helped me connect the dots to see what I am missing, and I learnt more about concepts that I had heard before, but wasn’t given depth. This was super helpful with context. The practical exercises actually made me write things down with real ideas instead of vagueness. I got some real clarity on what I need to do next. I feel clear of what direction to go in.

Rachel Martin

It gave practical know-how about getting the basics right, and everything was explained very clearly. It helped to clarify my vision and ideas.

Steve Brookes

A valuable and clear introduction to getting your business off the ground.

Natalia Mocnik

I chose this course because it connects with you as an individual and it is not generic. We learnt a lot of useful things to build a sound foundation. It was clear and to the point. And there were lots of laughs.

Join our workshop!

Walk away with practical ideas and inspiration to make your business dream a reality!