This programme is especially designed for you if:

  • You feel as if you are stuck on the treadmill looking for inspiration and insights to get you really moving forward
  • You often think to yourself ‘there must be more to life than this’
  • You are unhappy in your current job or career and looking for a way to do something that lights
  • you up and resonates with you
  • You have what others think is a ‘successful’ career but inside you lack meaning or fulfilment
  • You are at what seems like a crossroad in your life and you’re unsure of which direction to go
  • You actively want to find and really live your purpose

This digital programme helps you find the deep and beautiful truth of the you that you were born to be. This includes understanding what your true essence and nature is, what truly guides your decisions and where your genius really lies. This allows you to reveal your underlying truth, because the work you were born to do is an extension of who you truly are. You are guided through a combination of teaching and question based introspective work, so that by looking inwards your truth is revealed. The programme is a balance of both the practical and spiritual. It gives you the best practices of both worlds to guide you.

On this programme you:

  • Uncover your internal compass that drives your happiness
  • Ensure that your interests and passions are in alignment with your internal compass
  • Are shown aspects of your nature that you were previously unaware of
  • Realise that you are far more talented than you think
  • Bring to light your unconscious genius
  • Clarify your unique purpose and discover the work you were born to do.

You leave with:

An understanding of who you are at your core, clear direction towards that which you were truly born to do, and the confidence and inspiration to move forward in whichever direction you choose. It is the basis for a truly authentic life.

What’s in the programme:

Bonus Videos

These trainings are designed to help you understand the foundations that need to be in place if you want to make changes in your life or create the lifestyle you truly desire.

Module 1 – Introduction

This module introduces our ethos, gives you a framework about the course and guidelines with which to work.

Module 2 – Inner Codes™

Module 2 teaches you about Inner Codes™ and takes you through and exercise to determine your top Inner Codes™. When your Inner Codes™ are present in your life, your life is guaranteed to be in flow.

Module 3 – What Activities You Are Drawn To

Here you obtain a comprehensive list of activities you are drawn to. You then short-list them to determine which ones best supports your Inner Codes™. This short-list immediately begins to give you direction in what you were born to do.

Module 4 – Inherent Nature™ Part 1

In this module you explore different aspects of your Inherent Nature™, namely your traits, personality, where you draw your energy from and your default setting for processing information.

Module 5 – Inherent Nature™ Part 2

In this module you explore the very ancient system of the 9 Energetic Qualities. Knowledge of the 9 Energetic Qualities provides you with a guide to understanding your personality, honing in on your specific character and behaviours.

Module 6 – Talents, Heroes, Frustrations and Visions

Here you uncover your many talents and gain a deeper understanding of what drives you, what frustrates you and what you aspire to, in order to understand a little more about your truth.

Module 7 – Your Genius & the 3 Ws

On this module you begin to understand your genius. You learn about the attributes of your genius and work through an exercise which will allow you to identify your genius. You will also look at the people you would like to serve, the industry you would like to work in and the location of your work.

Module 8 – What Happens Next?

This is where you combine all the information you have in one place so that ideas and connections can form. We teach you how ideas are formed and steps that you need to take and what to expect on your journey as you move forward.


Digital Training Programme

3 Bonus Training Videos

Invitation to Q&A Sessions

Bite Size Reviews

2 Hrs 1 to 1 Coaching (£300 Value)