Discover The Work You Were Born To Do



Is this workshop for you?

  • You feel stuck on the treadmill of life and just hoping something will change soon
  • You often think to yourself ‘there must be more to life than this’
  • You are unhappy in your current job or career and looking for a change
  • You have a ‘successful’ career but feel that you are still lacking
  • You are at a crossroad and unsure of what to do next

If this is you, it’s time to say goodbye forever to the feeling of disconnect between you and your job or your life.

In just one inspirational and life changing day, you’ll learn how to unlock the potential inside you.

You’ll learn practical, step by step tactics to fully understand who you are at your core.

Sasi Panchal

This course is a one off, unique course of its kind. I’ve never been on a course like it!! It’s cleverly crafted together and both trainer’s Mala and Michele are extremely well versed, articulate and passionate in their flawless delivery. They both walk the walk and, talk the talk and are absolutely fabulous role models, taking the time to support you. It calls for introspection to really go under the surface to find your hidden codes to find, quite literally, ‘what you were born to do’!! I would strongly recommend this course. I loved it so much that I gifted it to a special friend!! Brilliant !!

Marianne Piat

I have looked for the right path for me for many years (since leaving university). I tried courses, degree and different job roles and ‘fell’ into my career. I cannot recommend enough for anyone seeking a more fulfilling path for their career to attend Michele and Mala’s workshop. You will discover who you are, what you are about and get to the light at the end of the tunnel!

Sue Camp

I had a sense of my values from previous courses but the inner codes are so much more enlightening and instructive. They are a powerful decision making tool

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discover new meaning,
new purpose and a solid direction in your life!

Here is your chance to truly change your life!

Discover the Work You Were Born To Do is a 1 day introductory workshop where you begin a journey towards inspired change.
On this inspirational and life changing day, you will learn how to unlock the potential inside you.
You learn a practical, step-by-step method, to fully understand who you are at your core.
Life takes on a whole new meaning when you are living in alignment with who you are meant to be.
Our workshops are a balance of both the practical and spiritual, bringing the best practices of both worlds to you.
The format of the day is a combination of teaching, written and practical exercises.
You will be able to say goodbye forever, to the feeling of disconnect between you and your job or your life and leave informed, invigorated and inspired.


You walk away with:

  • An understanding of why what is currently out there is missing crucial pieces of the full picture
  • The knowledge of why what works for others may not necessarily work for you
  • The necessary steps needed to discover the work you were born to do
  • An appreciate for the benefits of each step and how it all ultimately fits together
  • The essential steps required for you to start your journey.

Unlock the potential you already have within you and walk away with the knowledge and belief that Yes, you can Discover The Work You Were Born To Do.

Sharon Austin

This feels like Michele and Mala have given me a magic key to open the door to the rest of my life.

Ana Pavlova

The best coaches are those who live what they teach, and this is what sets this course apart. This inspirational and practical programme – Discover The Work You Were Born To Do – guides participants through simple steps that help uncover and articulate meaningful truths about own values and unique talents. Thanks to the ‘no-frills’ approach, one leaves the course with a clear sense of direction. Thanks for making the process enjoyable and fun.


Michele Yeomans and Mala Bridgelal Ram

were both on a quest to understand what it is they were born to do.

With very little practical guidance and incomplete information, they were often left with more questions than answers.

Their combined journey lasted a frustrating 14 years.

As a result, they have now developed a grounded, practical and systemised way to help you understand what you were born to do, in a much shorter timeframe and with greater clarity.


International Speaker, Educator, Mentor

After 30 years as a successful accountant and entrepreneur, Michele realised her true vocation and embarked on an exciting new career path. She works to help others discover the work that they were born to do, understand their purpose and assist them to unearth their potential to awaken to their true self – all of which she has experienced herself in her own journey of healing.


Educator, Mentor, Intuitive Healer

Mala is an intuitive healer and natural psychologist who has a passion for grasping the underlying nature of human behaviour. Drawing from her 17 years as an experienced healthcare professional, she works with individuals, helping them to clear their physical and emotional blocks so that they can move forward and have the happiness they deserve.

Claire Jones

I am really inspired by your process and can see it is well grounded.

Rebecca Young

Wherever you are on your path you should do this course. I have trained as a psychotherapist and coach and attended NLP workshops and I have learnt more on this course than most others put together! Enjoy.

Jacqui Shilling

This course has provided me with positivity and motivation.

Claire Jones

I am really inspired by your process and can see it is well grounded.

Eva Kliestkova

Really enjoyed this course as it helped me to go a bit deeper within. I now have the right questions and I am on the way of discovery.

Flavie Belard

Thank you so much for your work Michele and Mala. Thank you for putting so much of yourself to make us grow and guide us. You are very inspiring and authentic.

Karen Salvin

The course is fantastic, as are Michele and Mala. A lot of energy and care has gone into the course. Highly recommend to anyone in life – even if you aren’t thinking of changing your career. It is worth every penny. Beautify, loving and caring people. Thank you.

Penny Carter

Wow what can I say… This course is amazing. Delivered with confidence and the perfect structure, the “Born To Do” course can certainly put your life back on track. I found the course exercises to be fun, exciting, challenging and personal. The results really got me thinking and have now enabled me to make clearer decisions towards a new happier, fulfilling life. Thank you.

Join our workshop!

discover new meaning,
new purpose and a solid direction in your life!