A world where everyone, regardless of their status in life, achieves true inner peace

A peaceful world begins with peaceful individuals. Having inner peace, means you have a strong sense of idenity, purpsose and personal power. Together we can bring about a much needed change in the world.

Once you understand these aspects of yourself and honour them, your life flows in a way you never thought possible. The by-product of this is that you don’t need to try to be authentic; you just are, with the added bonus of actively living your purpose.


To enrich your experience of life through programmes that gently show you how to put personal power back into your hands.

All our programmes are grounded and practical, specifically designed to address the physical, mental, emotional and spritual aspects of life.

This allows a profound and deep shift, which ensures lasting results.


What we stand for

We embrace all of the following principles and believe it is necessary to be able to fully engage with life and live your highest potential



We believe that the highest form of truth can only be attained through living an authentic life.



Challenges are an inherent part of life. We believe being resilient ensures that these challenges do not interrupt your natural flow.



We believe that you are unique. To live a truly authentic life means not just embracing, but thriving through your individuality.



We believe that in order to achieve self-actualisation, you need to commit to growth and continued self-development.



We believe that simplicity leads to clarity. Clarity leads to results.



We believe that the most effective solutions to any challenge should be realistic, practical and grounded.



Unconditional love is the highest form of truth. We believe that this is what we should all aspire to.



Like nature, our life should always be in flow. Mental flexibility allows you to go with the flow and choose the path of least resistance.


International Speaker, Educator, Mentor

After 30 years as a successful accountant and entrepreneur, Michele realised her true vocation and embarked on an exciting new career path. A sought-after international speaker, educator and mentor, she has co-developed programmes and strategies, built upon her professional achievements, personal insights and intuitive wisdom to help others become the best they can be.

Her natural talent for empowering those around her, coupled with her innate ability to channel her energy for a higher purpose, inspires Michele to strive to help people find their inner happiness and ultimate fulfilment, teaching them how to relax into life and navigate through conflicts with ease. She works to help others discover the work that they were born to do, understand their purpose and assist them to unearth their potential to awaken their true self – all of which she has experienced herself in her own journey of healing.

Michele speaks frequently at major conferences and has shared stages with Dame DC Cordova, CEO of the global organisation, ‘Money and You’; and Laura Tenison, founder of JoJo Maman Bébé. She has also been featured on Voice America and Croydon Radio. She is the co-founder of Living The True Self, a company dedicated to showing the path to a truly authentic life.


Educator, Intuitive Healer and Truth Seeker and Mentor

After 17 years in the Healthcare Industry and frustrated by the bureaucracy and shortcomings of the healthcare system, Mala chose to pursue her own path in health and healing. With her understanding that the cause of ill health is not limited to the physical, she is a true healer working not only on the physical but also on the emotional and spiritual, and has co-developed workshops and programmes to support this.

Mala is an intuitive healer and natural psychologist who has a passion for grasping the underlying nature of human behaviour. Drawing from her experience in nursing, she works with individuals, helping them to clear their physical and emotional blocks so that they can move forward and have the happiness they deserve. Because her healing is very intuitive based she operates through a unique combination, drawing upon the combined practices of craniosacral work, and energy and sound healing. With this approach she allows, teaches and enables the client to heal and self-heal in a very relaxed and caring manner.

Mala has been involved in international projects that challenge the status quo of the healthcare system and she is also the co-founder of Living the True Self, a company dedicated to showing the path to a truly authentic life.